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Do you see any limitations in canvassing the world in a dichotomy of left and right, liberal and conservative? For years I haven't identified with that spectrum and found it to generate the political cultural war that you write about. As a notion it arose out of the reprisal violence of the French Revolution, an origin story that should leaves us suspect in the least. It's so vulnerable to dualistic 'divide and conquer' profiteering, so easy to pit one side against the other and make them exhort their energy int that struggle. There can be no dialogue or communal acts of thinking when one side is trying to convince the other of what they believe. And being offered only two categories means the foundations of dialogue are never there, so the voices who don't identify with those categories - who we most need - never show up to the public conversation.

On the topic of health, the real swings in policy and public health messaging are not originating at the level of the peoples' partisan politics. They arise from globalist, corporatist organisations that treat nation state governors as policy enactors. Owning the media within and across states means that you can feed populations only that which represents the science you want, demonises everything else and creates an echo chamber resounding with the policy line being handed down. Dialogue, even debate, is quashed, hence the logical dissemination of the completely antiscientific phrase 'trust the science'. Who in the right mind would pit their job, their social life, their position in mainstream society, against that charge? A decade or three later, after a lot of money has been made from an obedient population and publishing trend, as you cite in your examples, the tide may come back in to shore.

It sounds so beautifully idealistic and redemptive of humanity to believe that a scientific miracle the likes of which we've never seen has benevolently happened and millions of lives have been saved. But I've seen too much credible scientific evidence as well as corruption to believe that. Much of which can be found through this uncensored platform.

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