I think this is a pretty interesting idea. Certainly preferrable to Stage 3.

You're never going to get away from the political difficulty of "breaking a promise" but something like this is the bold counter-argument you need to take.

I also think there could be some really good synergies if the government also decided to announce a windfall tax on LNG or mining companies.

A strong message of "Every Australian will get $700 instead of Stage 3 and then an additional $150 from our windfall tax. Every Australian should benefit from the sale of our natural resources not just foreign mining companies. This $150 will help families pay their energy bills which we know people are struggling with at the moment."

Politically, I think that's a pretty strong message.

I also tried to come up with a politically defensible alternative to Stage 3.

Link: https://politicalwill.substack.com/p/labor-announces-a-better-plan)

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I think you're right – going to war with the resource industry takes some courage, but there's public support to be gained by doing it. I don't envy the decision makers, but I have a view – when you've painted yourself into a corner, the only way out is to jump.

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