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I’m surprised you didn’t mention Tim Steele and all the work he did on the potato hack. https://potatohack.com

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What I like best about the potato diet is that it makes people realize that "carbs" aren't the problem. Additionally, these new diabetes drugs (eg. Wegovy) used as designer weight loss drugs are GLP-1 agonists, GLP-1 is a satiety hormone, eating tons of potatoes causes a massive release of GLP-1. As I've said for years, potatoes are nature's weight loss pill.

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Nice article. I must point out, though, that the so-called zombie salmon in the video was alive. That beat-up, rotten look is typical for Alaska salmon swimming upstream to spawn. Once they spawn and die, they look even worse.

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Fascinating. I believe that what I've learned today is here to stay. I'm having baked potatoes for supper and will continue my own experiment.

Also, "[...]that its real effect is to make published papers appear trustworthy and credible" feels like a slap on the face. The sudden realization that not only (pretty much) everything is about appearing trustworthy, credible, etc. but also a simple peer review.

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Hey, I'd like to add that there have been studies showing the relationship between potassium consumption and BMI/metabolic syndrome




I have a lot of chronic health issues, metabolic syndrome runs in my family (although I have always had closer to an underweight BMI), and supplementing potassium has helped a lot of them. I tried to get feedback about a possible potassium wasting disorder as I've been in the ER with hypokalemia but the nephrologist shut me down.

It's my theory many people have "mild" potassium wasting conditions such as Bartter and Gitelman syndrome that will never be diagnosed because as my nephrologist put it "you'd have to be taking 100meq if you really had this" DESPITE the wikipedia pages stating they can be "asymptomatic".

The other interesting relationship with potassium is PMDD - the birth control pill that was approved to treat it has a progesterone that is a potassium sparing diuretic, and someone ran a study giving 600mg of supplemental potassium to women with PMDD which led to a remission in symptoms.

Potassium wasting disorders need to be looked at more seriously for a number of conditions.

Also, anyone who wants to try the potato diet, please be wary of the oxalate content especially in baked potato, at 20 a day you'd be getting around 2000mg oxalates which isn't good for your kidney or body.

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I am wondering if they were plain potatoes? Or were they embellished? For example w cheese or beans or salsa or butter?

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